Today in Caucasian history: the Battle of the Terek River (1395)

The collapse of the Mongolian empires in the 14th century was almost as destabilizing to geopolitics as the Mongolian invasions had been in the 13th century. In fact when you juxtapose the dates like that it makes a pretty good argument for treating the invasions and the collapse as all one big century-long disruption rather than as discrete things. Over a period of a few decades, the Mongols rolled through China and conquered land as far west as central Europe, toppling the Jin and Song dynasties in China, the Khwarazmian kingdom in central Asia, the Abbasid caliphate in the Middle East, the Kievan Rus’ confederation in eastern Europe, and many other established political entities on top of those. And then, between a century and a century and a half later in most places, their empires just disintegrated.

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