wE cAn pUsH hIM lEFt

You know, I’m starting to think Joe Biden might not be The Most Progressive President Since FDR™ after all:

He seems nice:

In 2010, Reed served as executive director of the Bowles-Simpson Commission, one of Barack Obama’s worst blunders. The commission was created in order to put the federal budget on an automatic pilot to deficit reduction, long before the economy was in post-collapse recovery.

The premature pivot to austerity was a major factor in the Democrats’ record-breaking loss of 63 House seats in the November 2010 midterm election. As executive director of the Bowles-Simpson Commission, Reed was not only an austerity advocate himself. He brought on unpaid staffers from leading austerity organizations funded by Pete Peterson.

When Reed was named to a senior job in the Biden campaign last January, the Peterson-funded Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a group bent on cutting Social Security, cheered. “We can’t think of a better person for the job,” CRFB said in a statement.

If there ever were a time for Democrats to stop doing whatever it is they’ve been doing since 1992, this would be the time. Not only does the country desperately need it, but spending the next four years doing nothing and being all out of ideas sets the perfect stage for the reemergence of Donald Trump, or the emergence of something worse, in 2024. In a purely self-preservation sense you’d think the party would want to consider trying another way, but apparently self-preservation is less important than playing their assigned role in the coalition.


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