Sensible Centrism


Rahm Emanuel is a Good Democrat:

In the first three weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, mayors across the country became some of his most vocal opponents and vowed to fight his discriminatory executive orders. But there’s at least one city leader who wants to work closely with the new administration: Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

On Monday, Emanuel sat down with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss “topics from public safety to public transportation.” According to the mayor’s office, Emanuel specifically asked for a federal crackdown on gun violence in the city.

“Public safety is a top priority for everyone, and over the course of the day the mayor reiterated his request for added federal resources including ex-offender programs, mentoring and increased federal gun prosecution in Chicago, as well as additional federal agents,” Emanuel spokesman Matt McGrath said of the meeting.

The request comes three weeks after Trump spewed false data about Chicago gun violence and threatened to send “the Feds” to “fix the horrible ‘carnage,’” and two weeks after the mayor replied, “Just send them.”

Instead of looking, say, at his punitive economic and social policies to try to find some answers for the wave of violent crime hitting Chicago’s south and west sides, the Democratic Mayor of Chicago would rather appeal to Donald Trump and his racist Attorney General to send in the feds and crack some skulls. Glorious bipartisanship, it truly is an end in itself.

The next time somebody asks you why liberals and leftists keep fighting with one another, one way you could explain it is to say that the people responsible for giving Chicago “Mayor Rahm Emanuel” are very angry that their 25 year stewardship of The Left in American politics is suddenly being called into question for reasons they can’t quite understand. That’s a pretty decent summary.

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2 thoughts on “Sensible Centrism

  1. Tell you what, DWD.

    Me being an old Social Democrat, from the bread and roses era, who advocates for Leftists working within the Democratic electoral coalition so as to maximize our influence while a minority faction – I would like to make you a deal.

    I will take responsibility for Rahm Emanuel and a whole bunch of other Centrist turds –

    On the day that you take responsibility for Ralph Nader and the Greens and the Bernietard Dead Enders who deliberately spoiled three of the last seven presidential elections.

    Avoiding the obvious GORE WOULD NOT HAVE INVADED IRAQ AND BLOWN UP THE MIDDLE EAST we would have been left with a series of moderately disappointing presidents who –

    and here I go out on a limb

    – would have left us quite a bit closer to the good place where we all want to be.


    the world we live in, after Bush blew up the NAME and Donald is in the White House.

    1. I’m not asking you to take responsibility for anyone, Robert, but I have to say these screeds in which you attribute positions to me that I’ve never taken are exceedingly tiresome. I think the Democratic Party should move left. I gather you do as well even though whenever I express that view it seems to make you lose your mind. I voted for Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton precisely because I believe a mediocre president is obviously better than a terrible one. I had tremendous misgivings about Hillary Clinton that I largely swallowed, except for specific misgivings I had about her campaign–misgivings that, as it turns out, were pretty reasonable ones.

      I’m sorry that for whatever reason you now seem to take my political views as some kind of personal affront, but on the other hand I’m really not that sorry. I don’t owe you my political views or my writing and frankly I would appreciate it if you stopped acting as though I did.

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