It’s Trump Time in Tehran

I have very little interest in watching a Fox News personality tongue-bathe the most absurd presidential candidate this country has ever seen, so I may be skipping tonight’s debate. On the other hand, there’s a very good chance that a whole lot of Iranians will be seeing it, and frankly I think this is entirely justified:

Once upon a time, anti-Western regimes produced propaganda depicting U.S. leaders as amoral, greedy, and violent. Now, the real thing is available for streaming.

The second presidential debate on Oct. 9, featuring Donald Trump denying allegations of sexual assault and threatening to jail Hillary Clinton, was the first U.S. debate ever broadcast live on television in Iran. Evidently, they were so happy with that demonstration of the virtues of liberal democracy that they’re going big for Wednesday night’s showdown in Vegas: airing the debate on three channels so it will be available in Persian, Arabic, and English.

Many said it was impossible, but the United States is now the world’s strongest argument against democracy. We did it! Congratulations everybody!

He’s a TV star all over the world

(For what it’s worth, the Iranian government, with its penchant for throwing innocent people in prison just because it can, continues to be the world’s strongest argument against Iran.)


4 thoughts on “It’s Trump Time in Tehran

  1. Wouldn’t most people be asleep due to the time difference? (It seems like Iranian watchers dislike both but Clinton more, as she’s seen as more aggressive.)

      1. I think it’s that Trump doesn’t have a track record and also hasn’t been able to hold a position for more than two minutes; earlier on in the race he was sort of for not striking Syria, now he’s for it, whatever. He HAS been portrayed as a populist, kind of a con man, maybe.

        Clinton does have a record and she’s more of a hardliner on Iran/favorable to Israel than Obama. Also, she’s realistically more likely to be president than freaky Trump.

        I got most of this info from contents sections, so take it with a grain of salt (my language skills are not amazing and I may be looking in places with weird political slants and just can’t tell).

      2. You mean comments sections? Yeah, don’t do that. You shouldn’t even read those things, let alone assume they represent anything.

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