Sick to my stomach

Welp, they did it. Our own government, the one you and I and so many other American citizens rely upon to defend us against our foreign enemies, paid the hostile Iranian regime in what appears, and let’s not mince words here, to be a straightforward hostage ransom. Oh sure, the president denied that this was a hostage ransom, but come on, we can all see what really happened. I am literally close to throwing up, I can’t believe what they did. I trusted our government to have our best interests at heart, and then they turned around and rewarded one of the world’s top state sponsors of terrorism for seizing American citizens! How could they? I just…I can’t write about this right now, I’m too upset. Just read this special report from The New York Times:

Arms to Iran Weren’t for Hostages, Reagan Says

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3— President Reagan, backing away from his own previous statements on what he called ”the Iran-contra so-called affair,” said today that it was not a scandal, ”and never at any time did we view this as trading weapons for hostages.”

Mr. Reagan’s remarks, in an interview with television news correspondents, ran counter to the findings of both the Tower Commission he appointed last December to examine the matter and the Congressional committees that investigated the Iran-contra affair for more than 10 months.

In a nationally broadcast speech last March 4, Mr. Reagan said he accepted the Tower Commission’s findings and added, ”What began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages.” At that time Mr. Reagan’s aides said, informally, that he did not really believe that but felt compelled to appear contrite as a means of getting the scandal behind him. His remarks today seem to support that view.

My God, this is just depraved. I hope Congress is investigating this in a big way.

How could the president who rode his velociraptor, Bonzo II, to victory over The Red Menace turn around and do this to us?

In other news, the Obama administration is also being accused of ransoming American hostages from Iran, even though the money it used to “ransom” them was, both in law and in fact, actually Iran’s money. This seems like a pretty strange sort of “ransom” to me, but I guess it makes sense if you’re inside the echo chamber.


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