BREAKING: EgyptAir flight en route from Paris to Cairo disappears from radar

The flight, an Airbus 320 carrying 59 passengers and 10 crew, is now about an hour several hours overdue. Obviously too early to even hazard a guess as to what happened or is happening to it. I’ll update as new information comes in, though it’s almost 11:30 here so sleep is going to interrupt me at some point.

UPDATE: More from EgyptAir on Twitter:

37,000 feet is cruising altitude, so there’s no evidence that the plane had climbed or descended to avoid weather, and there’s no severe weather in the area where the flight disappeared. It’s also improbable, though not impossible, that an aircraft would suddenly suffer some kind of mechanical failure at cruising altitude.

If the flight was 10 miles inside Egyptian airspace, then (per a CNN aviation expert) the pilots should have checked in with Egyptian air traffic control. If they did, then that gives investigators something to work with. If they didn’t…well, that’s suggestive as well.

UPDATE 2: EgyptAir says 56 passengers:

UPDATE 3: There appears to be no question now that the plane crashed:

and there’s now been a potential sighting of debris:

Egyptian authorities are now talking about terrorism as the cause, which they weren’t prepared to do a few hours ago:

If things are headed down that road, expect to see a lot of attention paid (I’ve already seen it mentioned on TV a couple of times) to reports from last December that dozens of workers at French airports had their security passes revoked due to concerns about their ties to “radical Islamism.” The flight originated at Charles de Gaulle Airport, which was one of the airports named in that security operation.

UPDATE 4: Per my unfortunate cable news addiction, EgyptAir is confirming that wreckage from the plane has been found, and US intelligence sources are saying there are “strong indications” (probably captured via satellite) of an explosion around the place where (and time when) the plane went off radar.

UPDATE 5: Those earlier reports of wreckage being sighted appear to have been wrong:

UPDATE 6: Reports that US intelligence had found “indications” of an explosion in the area where the plane disappeared have been walked back.

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