Today in Middle Eastern history: the Battle of Konya (1832)

The Battle of Konya, fought on December 21, 1832, was the decisive battle in the 1831-1833 Ottoman-Egyptian War, and in that sense it serv—I’m sorry, you had a question?

Yes, the Ottoman-Egyptian War of 18—yes?

Oh, right. We’re skipping over a very important detail. The Ottomans conquered Egypt and ended the Mamluk Sultanate in 1517, and in 1831 it was still part of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, it remained part of the Ottoman Empire until the early 20th century. So I suppose you could call this an Ottoman civil war rather than the “Ottoman-Egyptian War,” but that would gloss over a lot in terms of what was happening in Egypt and, indeed, why the war took place.

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