Well, at least his priorities are in the right place

Ben Carson is taking a break from this whole presidential campaign thing to make a little money:

Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson has put his public campaign events on hold for two more weeks to go on book tour for his new tome “A More Perfect Union” and catch up on fundraising events.

The campaign has been careful to separate campaign events and the book tour, and doesn’t want to classify the tour as related to the campaign in any way.

This makes me sad. Carson has been on a real roll lately, and I was hoping to hear more about how the Jews should have put up a fight (or at least told Hitler, “I believe that you want the guy behind the counter“), or how we’re nearing the end of days. You know, the kind of sensible, sober intellectual discourse that Carson has brought to this campaign. But I understand; look, if you’re not going to be president (and, really, even if you are), why shouldn’t you make a little bank off the back of your campaign? This is still America, isn’t it?

Hey, he might need the money to pay for some malpractice insurance

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