Say, you know what that reminds me of?

You know who I really wouldn’t trust with my Labrador? It’s actually a funny story:

Welcome to Loser Sons of Politics, a new column where the politically minded among the Jezebel staff recall with fondness the antics of the loser sons of politicians. Today (because it’s a very big and special day for the former Arkansas Governor), we’re recalling that time Mike Huckabee’s loser son David killed a dog at Boy Scout camp by hanging it to death.

The story, of which we were reminded by an alert reader, begins when Mike Huckabee’s youngest son David was 17 and working as a counselor at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, Arkansas, in 1998. One day, David Huckabee and a 19-year-old fellow counselor named Clayton Frady came across a stray dog. The pair of young men captured the dog, and then killed the dog (some accounts say that they hung the dog to death; others differ). As a result, both David Huckabee and Clayton Frady were relieved of their duties as camp counselors.

Well, not “ha ha” funny, but still.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’d trust him with my tax dollars either

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