Today in Republicans who haven’t read the Constitution

President Bobby Jindal (please stop laughing) is planning a really big surprise when he takes office: he’s going to fire Congress.

Citing the fact that Republicans in Congress have not yet defunded Planned Parenthood and were unable to block the Iran nuclear deal, he said, “It’s ridiculous. I’m sure that there are 535 Americans in this country who are capable of serving, they’re not indispensable to the future of our country. So absolutely, not only do we need to change leadership, we need to get rid, I’m ready to fire them all.”

He, ah, he’s just speaking metaphorically there, right? He knows that the president can’t actually fire Congress, doesn’t he?

Normally I wouldn’t even ask, but this is Bobby Jindal we’re talking about…

Yeah, you’re right. He’s probably filling out pink slips as I write this.

He'll leave them with a nice copy of his portrait as a severance package.
He’ll leave them with a nice copy of his portrait as a severance package.

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