More people who must not be as smart as Chuck Schumer

Last time it was a bunch of retired generals and admirals demonstrating that they obviously know less about military risk and national security than Chuck Schumer, on account of they think the Iran deal is actually pretty good whereas he knows that it’s terribad. Today we have 75 experts on nuclear non-proliferation demonstrating that, unfortunately, all that expertise in nuclear non-proliferation has not made them more expert on the subject of nuclear non-proliferation than Chuck Schumer, obviously:

The Arms Control Association (ACA) released a joint statement on Tuesday endorsed by 75 of the world’s leading nuclear non-proliferation specialists, including a former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and former top U.S., UN, and foreign government non-proliferation officials. The statement concludes that the July 14 agreement “is a strong, long-term, and verifiable agreement that will be a net-plus for international nuclear non-proliferation efforts.”

The accord, the statement goes on, “advances the security interests of the P5+1 nations (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States), the European Union, their allies and partners in the Middle East, and the international community.”

It must be real sad for these folks to know that they’ve had considerable training and dedicated years of their lives toward becoming world-renowned experts in non-proliferation, but they just don’t understand the field as well as Chuck Schumer, on account of how he’s won a few elections in New York.

Really, what isn’t this man’s area of expertise?

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