Just in time for Jonathan Pollard to live in one of them!

You couldn’t make this stuff up: a day after the Obama administration announced that convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will be released from prison in November, Benjamin Netanyahu expresses his gratitude like so:

Israel gave final approval on Wednesday for plans to build 300 new homes in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, announcing the move as it carried out a court demolition order against two vacant apartment blocks in the same enclave.

Dozens of Jewish settlers have gathered over the past several days at Beit El settlement to protest against the demolition. Israel’s Supreme Court ruled the two partially built blocks had been constructed illegally on Palestinian-owned land.

Live television footage from Beit El showed settlers, who had scuffled earlier with police at the site, watching an excavator tear into the buildings, but not intervening.

As payback for the demolition, ultra-nationalists in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition had urged him to press ahead with a separate 300-home project slated for a different tract of land in the settlement.

"Well, it's better than a literal thumb in the eye, isn't it?"
“Well, it’s better than a literal thumb in the eye, isn’t it?”

Hopefully Agent Pollard will get to live in one of these illegal new homes someday. Oh sure, parolees aren’t really allowed to leave the country, but a fella can dream, can’t he?

On Tuesday, Mr. Pollard expressed a desire to be reunited with his wife, Mr. Lauer said. He added that parole rules may prevent his client from immediately leaving the United States, but that Mr. Pollard was eager to visit Israel when he could.

“His preference is to restart his life,” Mr. Lauer said. “Obviously, he has great affection for Israel, and that is a place he’d like to visit and perhaps to spend time there. It’s too early to predict what his tangible plans will be.”

Obviously, great affection, too early to say, maybe he’ll spend some time there, but who knows what the future holds?

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