The FIFA indictments: already too late for too many

I hope something good comes out of the FIFA indictments, I really do. It’s a very powerful and by all appearances very corrupt institution, and the people who run those kinds of institutions should be brought to justice. Dan Drezner contends this is the best foreign policy move the US has made this year, and while that’s not setting the bar very high, it may very well be true. Plus, it pissed Vladimir Putin off, and anything that pisses Vladimir Putin off without creating a body count is probably worth doing in my opinion.

I especially hope that something comes from the emerging Swiss investigation into the process by which the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were awarded to Russia and Qatar, respectively. Unfortunately, even if the most drastic step — stripping Qatar of the 2022 World Cup and awarding it to another country — were to be taken, it would already been too late for the more than 1200 migrant workers who have already died in Qatar in the course of building new facilities for the Cup. To put that into some context:

qatar fifa

Yeah, that’s a lot of unnecessary deaths, and it’s a real injustice that FIFA head Sepp Blatter can’t be charged with manslaughter (at a minimum) for each one of them. It’s still far less than half of the 4000 workers it’s estimated will die in order to ensure that the Qataris can put on a real fancy soccer tournament, though, so pulling the plug on the whole thing, right now, would still be best for everybody.

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