Kirby Delauter (yes, that Kirby Delauter) upset that reporter used Kirby Delauter’s name in article about Kirby Delauter

If you’re like me (and you’re reading this blog so, duh), you’re a big fan of Frederick County (MD) commissioner Kirby Delauter. Oh, ha ha ha, I can practically hear you saying “who the hell is Kirby Delauter?” right now, because you are obviously making a joke, and I really love the fact that you have a great sense of humor about your Kirby Delauter fixation. But seriously, who wouldn’t be a fan of Kirby Delauter?

Kirby Delauter
Also Kirby Delauter
kirby delauter blingee
Again, Kirby Delauter, though it’s possible that I edited this one slightly

Kirby Delauter, folks.

Anyway, it seems that Kirby Delauter is very upset that a reporter for the Frederick News-Post used Kirby Delauter’s name in a news article, in which she was talking about Kirby Delauter, without getting Kirby Delauter’s permission! The Cato Institute’s Walter Olson was first to bring Kirby Delauter’s anger to the wider Kirby Delauter fan base, and he flagged this Facebook exchange between the reporter and Kirby Delauter:

delauter facebook

Obviously Kirby Delauter is taking this situation very seriously if Kirby Delauter is advising Ms. Rodgers to contact an Attorney! It’s not clear which of Ms. Rodgers’s articles has made Kirby Delauter so mad, but I think it might be this one. I think you’ll agree, the News-Post editorial board is having more fun than an editorial board should be allowed to have over Kirby Delauter’s temper tantrum.

Anyway, kudos to Kirby Delauter for attempting to assert a right that does not exist in an effort to keep Kirby Delauter’s name and likeness out of his local newspaper, an effort that has now gotten Kirby Delauter’s name and likeness into Talking Points Memo, Mediaite, Power Line (maybe the only time I’ll ever link there, so enjoy), Twitchy (this will be the only time I ever link there), and The Washington Post.¬†Mission accomplished, Kirby Delauter!

2 thoughts on “Kirby Delauter (yes, that Kirby Delauter) upset that reporter used Kirby Delauter’s name in article about Kirby Delauter

  1. My brother lives in New Market, which is kind of a suburb of Frederick, and he would be just as happy if Delauter were to be run over with a harrow and dropped into the manure fermenter to ripen. At least they managed to get rid of that gun nut congressman who used to pack serious heat to his constituent meetings, which is a start. The way times are changing, western Maryland is more redneck and norther Virginia!

    And Happy New Year with all wishes for the Best of Success etc etc.

    1. redneck than northern Virginia even!

      Honestly, you would never guess that I graduated with honors from Yale.

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