Egypt’s neverending election, continued

A member of Egypt’s election committee released the committee’s turnout figures for the first two days of Egypt’s two three day presidential election, and they’re better than earlier estimates but still not good:

Tareq al-Shibl, a member of the election committee, was quoted by al Ahram, a state-run newspaper, as saying that more than 21 million people voted, or nearly 39 percent of an electorate of 54 million.

That would be less than the 40 million votes, or 80 percent of the electorate, that Sisi had called for last week.

Not only is turnout less than the 80% turnout Sisi wanted, it’s in real danger, pending how things went/are going today (still 3 minutes to get to the polls!), of being lower than the 52% who turned out in the second round of the 2012 election that voted the deposed Mohammed Morsi into the office.

Luckily, Egyptian election officials have unveiled the official excuse for the low turnout: it’s too hot. That must explain it, since the 2012 second round took place in the much more reasonable climate of, um, mid-June.

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