A harsh critique?

Just to sum up, in his new memoirs Robert Gates is harshly critical of President Obama because Obama: was insufficiently committed to a war effort that we now know has failed; lacked trust in two of his military commanders, the one who was openly insubordinate to him and the one who ran his military command like a giant public relations operation; and had no faith in the cartoonishly corrupt crime boss we installed as Mayor of Kabul President.

I haven’t read the book, and I’ll give Gates the benefit of the doubt that he’s got some legitimate or arguably legitimate criticisms of the Obama Administration in there, but these don’t make the cut.

2 thoughts on “A harsh critique?

  1. Off topic but…

    Upon reflection, and unless I specifically suggest otherwise, any time I leave a comment you should prefix it with the word “BRILLIANT!” because that is what I am thinking when I get fired up enough to leave a comment.

    Just don’t get a swelled head 😛

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