A trip down memory lane

Remember how, in March, Bassem “The Jon Stewart of Egypt” Youssef was hauled in for questioning by the Egyptian government because he’d made fun of President Morsi? And remember how everybody rightly took that as a sign that the democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood government was no longer operating in a democratic manner, and that this was going to be a real problem for Egyptian liberal democracy moving forward? And remember how happy many Egyptian “liberals” were when the army overthrew Morsi, because that was somehow going to put Egypt back on the path to freedom and ponies and such like?

Yeah, about that…

Popular Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef’s television show has been suspended just minutes before it was due to go on air.

The private CBC channel said Mr Youssef had not followed editorial policies and wanted more money.

The move comes a week after his al-Bernameg (Programme) show poked fun at the country’s powerful military, triggering complaints.

The decision will heighten concerns about freedom of speech restrictions.

Really? You think so? Maybe you should ask Egypt’s “liberals.” I’m sure they’re fine with this.

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