iran so far away

Oliver Willis observes that, now that it serves Republican purposes to make the Benghazi/IRS/AP/whatever scandals (“scandals”?) sound really bad, suddenly they’ve decided that Richard Nixon is History’s Greatest Monster, or at least he was until Obama came along:

Because up until recently, the right had Nixon as the good guy. The original sin of the supposed “liberal media” was railroading Richard Nixon out of office, amplifying the break-in and subsequent abuse of power to the level of a “high crime.” This resulted in the only President to resign in disgrace, an eternal blot on the Republican Party.

So thorough was the right’s fake Nixon narrative that several of his co-conspirators – Chuck Colson and G. Gordon Liddy – went on to prosperous second acts within the conservative community.

But now, on a dime, they’ve turned and adopted the mainstream modern narrative on Nixon. Because it benefits them to attack Obama, suddenly Nixon is back to being the bad guy. The same people who wave the bloody flag of bias over the Nixon era have suddenly found value in attaching it to the fake scandals they attribute to the Obama administration.

I’ve noticed this too, and also that Republicans suddenly find the Iran-Contra Scandal to have been a big deal as well. For most of my adult life, to the extent that you can get any Republican to even acknowledge that Iran-Contra happened amidst the Reagan Mythology Project, all they’d say about it was that it was overhyped, a well-meaning attempt to get around commie-loving traitor Democrats in Congress to get weapons in the hands of anti-Communist rebels in Nicaragua, plus something something arms to Iran whatever who cares? Now, all of a sudden, OBAMA’S “SCANDALS” ARE EVEN WORSE THAN IRAN-CONTRA!

Pictured: John McCain (left), Lindsey Graham
Pictured: John McCain (left), Lindsey Graham

So, hey, suddenly Watergate and Iran-Contra are big deals, not irrelevant events unfairly blown into major scandals by the liberal media. I’m pretty sure they’ll go back to being irrelevant again whenever it suits Republican purposes.

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